Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? ...

Whilst most of us have been sleeping or working, a comet called Comet McNaught has been making its way across the skies.

Comet McNaught, which is set to shine brighter than the planet Venus this weekend, was caught on camera at sunset when it is at its best.

The newly discovered comet, first observed in Australia last August, is three times more dazzling than Hale-Bopp in 1997. Tomorrow the star will sweep within 15.8 million miles of the sun and continue glowing until Monday.

These are some of the views of the brightest comet for 32 years. For a comparison this is a camera shot from New Zealand a friend sent and one from London I found.

Apart from all the heavenly activity this week has been quite quiet. Busy doing nothing, you know the sort of days - you seem to be always on the go, but at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it?!

However we are getting quite familiar with London now, and I have bought some cool black Jewellery for my piercings.

We met up with two friends on Saturday from our "Vaughan Town experience"; Pete and Clare which was really nice. Clare shown us the delights of a Kiwi cafe where they serve you flat whites!! why dont they just say coffee?!

Anyway on wednesday we are off Scuba diving so look out for the report on that one ;)

Be good and I may see you real soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

London by foot

Well the Birthday bash was cool, we started in a pub across from us and was shortly joined by an elderly gentleman. As we sat there minding our business the gent started to twitch!
Weird huh! Well it got weirder - he then seemingly developed TORRETS!
He sat there trying to snap his fingers to the music well out of sync, we sat there trying not to draw attention to it, but boy did he manage the job by himself, by growling at us or walking around as batman!?

We were later joined by several of Carries friends and then moved onto the Thai restaurant, which was nice that is until Carrie nearly burnt the place down with her napkin!!!! :S

Anyway the following day we visited the Tate Modern Art Gallery - and was very unhappy that we couldnt go down the slide (they were way cool too 5 stories high), well we could but it meant queing for silly time, the gallery was full of wonderful and not so wonderful art pieces.

Really China you could make a fortune doing art now because some were nothing short of madness - either splats or just simply canvas in one colour!?! thats art?? really??

But some was wicked. This is a pic we managed to take and then got told off - we then had to escape being chased by several guards and a lion! no I lied sorry, there was no lion it was a tiger!!! oops I did it again (ala britney).

Anyway I couldn't help but smile when I saw this. See how long you can look at it without the need to smile.

We then walked (for miles, no kidding) around London, visiting Tower Bridge, London Bridge the Millenium Bridge, Westminister Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge - it would appear we are bridge spotters!!! eeekkk!! lol!
Anyway we found lots of chewing gum splats! (private joke), we walked along the Queens walk and didn't see her, so went to visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliment,
Westminster Abbey & the London Eye (which was nice ;) )

Then went shopping around Covent Gardens - watched a Magician and a Juggler. Visited China Town again, which at this point we were starved and feeling tired this didnt help. We resisted the food - which was REALLY hard! :(
We arrived home tired and hungry - but was well worth the effort!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

Well its that time of year again, when you get a little older, a little wiser and you forget a dam sight more lol!

Carrie's just had a birthday, and it would be un-gentlemanly to say how old she is; but i'll give you a clue between 27-29 years!

She awoke to pressies from New Zealand, pressies from England and a card from Scotland. Sadly she had to work all day, but on the bright side we are off out tonight to a lovely Thai Restaraunt.

The gift I got for her was a diving lesson, so we are both going to that next week, wait for the report on that one!!

Apart from that im busy, selling off my magic stuff :'(

Gotta make those sarifices, thats one thing life will teach, no matter what it cost it aint worth shit in the end lol!

One wierd thing New Zealanders have a thing about weird names for their sweets - Squiggles, Moro, Perky Nana, Hairy Berry Bites & Snifters??? weird huh! and even worse!! JAFFA's that are hard crispy shell things!?!? whats that about??

But if your bored why not check out

and see which you are.

I'm SUPERMAN & APOCOLYPSE - (1% away from being Lex Luthor) how cool would that have been Superman and Lex in one body!

Carrie was WONDER WOMAN & MYSTIQUE - which is pretty cool too ;)

So who is your alter ego?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

On our travels

Well today was cool, not only did we start and finish in London but in between we stopped off at China and Russia!!! Well Chinatown and the Russian Festival in London that is, lol!

We had a busy day taking in the sites and sounds of London's centre. Spent quite some time in Camdens market getting lost in the small alley ways and many stalls, each selling their own wares, some really nice stalls out there too.

Only thing is why is it the one thing you want is always so expensive, lol. Anyway life is still moving forward and i will keep you informed as we go along.

Be good and keep smiling ;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The first day of the rest of our lives!

We seem to have had a few of these, but we are taking January 1st 2007 as the definitive date.

I'm Dade and my girlfriend is Carrie. We are on a whirlwind romantic relationship just now, where time seems to mean nothing, it certainly doesn't drag.

We met whilst on a trip to Spain to help Spaniards learn to speak English, just the place you would expect to find someone special and fall head of heels huh, but it happened! Carries an easy going gal, with a great sense of humour and smiles 'heaps' (her word, that means: loads lol) she's from New Zealand and I'm from the UK, I get around abit so no particular part.

Anyway this blog is really for the benefit of my 8 year old daughter China. She's living with her mom in Leicester and I wanted to be able to give her up dates of what im doing and when im doing it, so hopefully this will do just that.

Well China as its the first entry and I only seen you last week, there's not loads to say although I can tell you, we're in London and busy looking for work before we dash off travelling.
We have a few plans of what to do and where to go but alas we need money :-(

Anyway I'll let you know how the job hunting is going when I hear from any. In the meantime, be good.


Hugs and cuddles
Dade & Carrie

Monday, January 01, 2007

About Me

Hi, I'm Dade Freeman, that's me, well part of me anyway. I'm just an average guy with big dreams and little hope.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed of how my life is going and also as a kind of diary for me too.

I'm a nomadic creature with no place to call home, although currently Spain is where I'm at, although lived most of my life in the UK (all around).
Having a short attention span means I need a lot of things to keep me occupied, the net does a great job of that. When I'm not at my wonderful Macbook pro you may find me with my Canon 450d.
I have recently took up photography (hopefully as a serious venture) which I am enjoying immensely although tough learning curve involved.

Anyway this blog will feature what I do on a daily, weekly and sometimes hourly basis. It highlights things that amuse me and is simply the ramblings of an ageing man on the world as I see it!

Hope you like it ;)

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