Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The first day of the rest of our lives!

We seem to have had a few of these, but we are taking January 1st 2007 as the definitive date.

I'm Dade and my girlfriend is Carrie. We are on a whirlwind romantic relationship just now, where time seems to mean nothing, it certainly doesn't drag.

We met whilst on a trip to Spain to help Spaniards learn to speak English, just the place you would expect to find someone special and fall head of heels huh, but it happened! Carries an easy going gal, with a great sense of humour and smiles 'heaps' (her word, that means: loads lol) she's from New Zealand and I'm from the UK, I get around abit so no particular part.

Anyway this blog is really for the benefit of my 8 year old daughter China. She's living with her mom in Leicester and I wanted to be able to give her up dates of what im doing and when im doing it, so hopefully this will do just that.

Well China as its the first entry and I only seen you last week, there's not loads to say although I can tell you, we're in London and busy looking for work before we dash off travelling.
We have a few plans of what to do and where to go but alas we need money :-(

Anyway I'll let you know how the job hunting is going when I hear from any. In the meantime, be good.


Hugs and cuddles
Dade & Carrie


Hussian Shah said...

Well, got your email both sadden and happy at the same time m8, looks like the start of another chapter in the like of Mr Freeman.

Well take it easy man and stay in touch. I will certainly keep track of you via this blog, so keep it upto date

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