Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

Well its that time of year again, when you get a little older, a little wiser and you forget a dam sight more lol!

Carrie's just had a birthday, and it would be un-gentlemanly to say how old she is; but i'll give you a clue between 27-29 years!

She awoke to pressies from New Zealand, pressies from England and a card from Scotland. Sadly she had to work all day, but on the bright side we are off out tonight to a lovely Thai Restaraunt.

The gift I got for her was a diving lesson, so we are both going to that next week, wait for the report on that one!!

Apart from that im busy, selling off my magic stuff :'(

Gotta make those sarifices, thats one thing life will teach, no matter what it cost it aint worth shit in the end lol!

One wierd thing New Zealanders have a thing about weird names for their sweets - Squiggles, Moro, Perky Nana, Hairy Berry Bites & Snifters??? weird huh! and even worse!! JAFFA's that are hard crispy shell things!?!? whats that about??

But if your bored why not check out

and see which you are.

I'm SUPERMAN & APOCOLYPSE - (1% away from being Lex Luthor) how cool would that have been Superman and Lex in one body!

Carrie was WONDER WOMAN & MYSTIQUE - which is pretty cool too ;)

So who is your alter ego?


Hussian Shah said...

Freaky but fun

I am spiderman
and venom too :)

sounds about right

Claire said...

lol I was catwoman both sides - nothing but consistent!

Donna said...

I am Supergilrl and Dr Doom.... cool :o)

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