Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back from beyond...

Well okay, she did make it but she was nearly late. Well what an experience that turned out to be. Having never dived and Carrie neither we both really enjoyed it.

We went to a dive school close to us, where we were greeted and taken through the basics about diving - it turns out the MOST important thing to do is breathe, weird being told that when we naturally do it already, but underwater you naturally dont breathe, so the first few breathes were apprehensive.

We had a great instructor and a very small group just three of us.
We got to swim with a shark!! Honest no lies! A "Carcharodon carcharias rubberus" is the scientific name - commonly known to you and I as a "rubber great white shark" but hey it was pretty scary, lol.

Well after spending over an hour in the pool and swimming about underwater my fingers looked like prunes so it was time to leave, so with saddened heart and water in our lungs we left. But it has given us a taste for adventure, so more things planned to do. Rock climbing will probably be the next one as there is supposed to be a great wall in Shepherds Bush (theres also a great wall in China, but thats different).

Anyway gotta dash things to do and all that, catch ya later.


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