Sunday, February 18, 2007

By the power of Greyskull!

Well, this was certainly a wonderful weekend! Adam came down on Friday so after work went out for a few drinks, and he got quite drunk - result!

On Saturday we went into Camden Towns markets and wonderful streets to see what joys were to be had, haggled after the price of a watch for Adam, got it at a good price too, worth the haggling, then realised the batery didnt work, lol oh well - result No.2!

Then on to Leicester Square to watch HOT FUZZ! and wow was it cool so funny - worth the £26, well almost!!!! I thought at that cost they would have thrown in the DVD!

Then on Sunday we went to China Town again but this time to let in the Chinese New Year and what a spectacle, dancing dragons, sweet smelling food, crowds of people and I mean crowds, and fireworks! all in all was a great weekend.

It was good to catch up with Adam and share our lives once again, I only hope its not too long before we do it again - its amazing how quickly one day blurs into the next.

Well in case you missed it here are a few pictures I took, not brilliant and I found out I had the camera on the wrong setting as the shutter speed was too slow, silly me.
Also uploaded a video I took and quickly edited in some music etc, enjoy.

Oh well im off to get a cornetto, so jog on.

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