Monday, March 26, 2007

Back on the road again

We got the coach to Burgos, after some time waiting and people watching; always good fun.

The trip was long and we were accompanied by snow every step of the way although each time it seemed to be getting deeper, from a frost covered floor to about a foot in Burgos!

However, what a place not sleepy at all, bustling with life and history.
I imagine at Christmas it would be quite beautiful as it has a Christmassy feel to it.

We spent alot of time walking talking and sight seeing, there really is a lot to do in Burgos. However when it came to eating kebabs won, they appear to be as typical a Spanish dish as they are everywhere.

We travelled back to Valladolid via train spent our final evening, seeing what we may have missed, got caught up in some mass protest and finished the night in a typical English way – beer and kebab!

Early start next morning for the coach to the airport, which almost seemed like they had built more of it in the week as the departures lounge seemed bigger, when asked at the airport if I had anything to declare – “sure, I will return”

If I had to say which was 'better' I couldn’t each had its own merits.
Gredos had no village near, but nice surroundings and facilities. Carrion had the village but no facilities really, but made up for this in history and superb surroundings.

The people can not be compared, I went last time with an open heart and mind and connected in ways I didn’t think possible in one week. This time even though I tried to do the same you can’t help having expectations and comparisons.

I think both venues are beautiful and the program works because of what the program does not where its based, sure it’s nice to have the facilities and surroundings, but that doesn’t help with the purpose of the week.

Once I returned I sent off for the information to become a teacher on the program, as I believe in what it achieves and how it achieves it, so hopefully my Spanish friends we will indeed meet again and I shall continue to make the world a smaller place as I explore it further.

For those of you who werent on our journey here are some behind the scenes snapshots
Spain - Valladolid & Burgos


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