Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 1

Arrived to Richard giving his Oscar winning performance of stories that inspire and excite both the Anglos (that’s us) and the Spaniards (that’s them, you with me so far?).

After the chat we were given lunch and a welcome sight it was. We all sat at tables of four, each person sat checking out all those around; the room was full of around 30 strangers and a mix of English and broken English was being spoken.

After lunch was a 1 to 1 with Jose Maria – we walked outside to the town and chatted about this and that – he smiled intently, at which point I said he had no idea what I was talking about and he agreed saying I speak too fast! (its true, but the purpose is to be real English not a watered down version, so a slowed a little and made my choices of words more clear).

After the 1 to 1, I had another meeting where we explored the grounds of the Monastery, it is extremely old (well parts are, it appears to be slowly being rebuilt) a real nice place with a very peaceful atmosphere. Whilst sitting there drinking our cafe con leche (coffee) I start to hear the haunting chanting of monks!!!
The hotel plays the sound of the monks through a speaker system throughout the hotel; at first quite unnerving!

The main thing I love about these programs is you meet all sorts of wonderful people, from all walks of life; professionals, managers, chemists, photographers, authors and media professionals from all different countries; we had Kiwis, Americans, Aussies, Brits, Dutch & Spaniards.

With a mix such as this you always have something to talk about, as for myself, I decided this time I didn’t want to go as a ‘magician’ so left that side of me behind, and I applied other skills and abilities; to be revealed later.

Below are a few pictures from the last Vaughan Town we done in Gredos and the friends we made there. (including where I met Carrie)

Spain - Vaughan Town Dec 06


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