Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 2

More 1 to 1’s with random strangers explaining everything from grammar, idioms to chit chat. Now don’t get me wrong I learnt alot from the Spaniards too, but the point was they learn from Anglos.

The 1 to 1’s are kinda strange in so much as you have 1 hour to talk about anything and really you have to be able to get on as well as communicate, because one hour sure can drag if you don’t, luckily I got on well with most if not all (at least I think I did).

In the afternoon we had a conference call, this involves three Spaniards and one Anglo playing out a scenario over the phone (so as not to take cues from body language etc, apparently the Spaniards hate the phone!?) anyway this always ends up in some sort of hysteria; even though they are supposed to be serious.
I had to decide who had the best boss and the Spaniards took it in turns to convince me their boss was best (the king of the potatoes nearly won but it fell apart near the end for him), then onto lunch, this is always a hive of activity with chat and food and one magical ingredient: WINE!!!

Once that starts flowing there’s no telling what may happen. Slightly disappointed yet another flan pudding :(

By the evening we were preparing for stage shows and gala performances, there was a performance from The Odd Couple with Spaniards and Anglos alike taking on roles to amuse the audience (those of us not performing) then yours truly took the audience on a journey through their minds eye, as I performed a mass meditation with a smattering of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to get them to believe in themselves and each other, finally another sketch with some improvisation work from three Spaniards teaching us how to pick up girls.

All in all was a great finish to what was a long day.


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