Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 3

Started too early for me, not only that but it had been snowing!

Breakfast was an easy conversation to break you into the first session, then more 1 to 1’s and another conference call.
We went for a walk around the village, a nice quaint place with little life but nice surroundings, a chance for a few photo opportunities.

We spent the afternoon preparing for the main show that night. I was surprised to see from 45 minutes of nothingness, everything coming together in the last 15 minutes - a whole scenario was formulated. The scene had been set – A MURDER MYSTERY!

We parted for lunch and siesta and upon our return the Spaniards had thrown themselves into their respective roles and surprised us with characters and alibis!!
We then put the pieces of the puzzle together to produce (in my opinion) the best performance of the week.

I played one of the organisers Greg and did my best to imitate his accent and mannerisms, he was the victim (so I was dead for a lot of the performance; but when I was alive boy did you know it). We had 3 Spaniards who each plotted to kill Greg in various different ways and two Anglo police one a bumbling copper the other smarter, and a narrator to set the scene and give up to the minute reports. I must say it was quite a performance and lasted around 25 minutes in the end, with ad libs – and my dead corpse chuckling away as I listened to all that was happening around me.

Greg (the real one) was in tears of laughter at the end – as they all tried to work out the motive as to why anyone would want to harm him, my corpse arose once more to criticise the whole performance at which point the whole cast ‘killed’ me (as Greg).

We broke apart for dinner and everyone was busy chatting, the wine was flowing and for the first time English swear words were brought up!? Of all the things to want to learn, sure we all do it but I felt kinda strange ‘teaching’ the meaning of swear words.
We chatted about them for some time and then changed topics.

The pudding arrived... ...another BLOODY FLAN! There I swore!

I decided there and then to make it my goal to get an apple pie (tarte manzana) by the end of the week.


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