Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 4

Mid week seems odd as you start to feel drained and forget who you spoke to about what, so I brought out my conversation cards, these were something I made 5 years back for some other work I did for team building exercises – the questions are very random and cover most every topic you can imagine.
The Spaniards enjoyed these on the 1 to 1’s as it was quite diverse and engaging for them.

A few telephone sessions this time in a 1 to 1 situation with a scenario; renting a property. Generally the calls last around 20 minutes, then you discuss what took place and any issues you were aware of.

A walk into the village and around the grounds again but not for too long as it was getting quite cold out.

I also noticed that Spaniards have taken several words and over use them – “in this moment” rather than right now, or “for example” they have examples for most everything, to try to make it clear what they are saying, rather just saying it, and “more or less” and “impossible” of course most everything is possible if you simply try. My all time favourite is the adaption of “Okee Dokee” into the language, it just cracks me up.

All was going well until... was announced there was the opportunity for work as a teacher; I felt my body tingle as on the last program this was what I hoped for, now was a possibility, I needed time to think.

At dinner I asked nicely for apple pie, told "tomorrow" – knowing full well it wouldn’t be! Strangely again the topic was swearing and the emphasis on the words, why is it with any language that’s the first thing you want to learn!?

That night we did the 'Quemada' ritual which involves reading an incantation (all in good fun, nothing esoteric) and burning a large vat of alcohol which ingredients are placed into, the alcohol was not a strong as last time but still very enjoyable.


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