Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 5

Carrie and I had a long discussion over what my options were and what I wanted to do, she agreed that it was up to me to pursue the possibility, so I did; I await the outcome.

We watched the Spaniards today as they brushed up their grammar and presenting skills as they needed to do a presentation to the group about any topic they saw fit.

It was great to see the confidence shine in them and too see just how far the had come since day 1, some Spaniards didn’t believe this to be the case for themselves, but could see it in the others. Each person (Anglos & Spaniards) had taken on a great journey and I’m please I could accompany them and glad they were there with me.

Dinner time – my last chance to get apple pie! – I begged and pleaded in Spanish with the waiteress but alas no pie; just a final flan, I stomped my feet like a big kid! When I told her I didn’t like it she replied (in Spanish) “I don’t like ketchup!!” I think she thought I was American! We all just laughed.

Later that evening we had a party – and I learnt that yet again I couldn’t dance, I really should learn! So I took the opportunity to snap away at the dancers and my alcohol inebriated friends, which was funny, Phil can really move!


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