Saturday, April 28, 2007

End of another week

Well yet another week comes to an end, and yet again what a week. Full of highs and very little lows (if any). It was a real pleasure to work along side Rob and Carmen, who's experience shines through what they do. I only hope to be half as good.

I got some excellent feedback from Spaniards and Anglos alike which really helped boost my confidence. I'm really looking forward to putting together programs and having MY programs spoke highly of.

As for Rob I finally got my revenge, by writing him a poem and reading it aloud to the group on party night (and there were a few of them, lol). It was reat to see that yet again the magic of Vaughan town working away, and I kid you not if you haven't experienced it you really are missing out!

Well I wont say too much as it will spoil the fun when you see it all for yourself. However I will of course post photos - they can be found HERE


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