Thursday, April 05, 2007

The end or just the beginning..?

There are a few things in life some of which affect you and haunt you forever.
Some things that touch me for example was 9.11 which I'm sure touched so many of us, from the images to the concept; it just seemed so unreal, it made the reality even more disturbing!
and of course more recently the Tsunami.

The one thing that strikes me as amazing is our resilience to start over, pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and begin again. But it does make me wonder what happens when we can no longer do that?

What happens when someone messes it up for us all? This clip will give you an idea of what could be if we dont start to make changes to our lives and towards each other - its OUR planet, not yours or mine, we have come so far yet it seems at times for what?

Mankind needs to choose not just accept his destiny!


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