Friday, April 13, 2007

First week

Well I've just finished week one. Boy what a hard task, everyday homework, grammar lessons, and projects to make and bring into the next class; and that was us!!

I thought that for my first week, it went well. I have never taught English before so all this was very new to me. although it's my native tongue teaching is a whole new ball game. I got my appraisals back from my students and for the most part I was very pleased with them as I did better than I expected. There were one or two issues which I will look into and see what I can do about them.

For the upcoming week I'm off to Salamanca to teach (9 - 12 year old Spaniards) English, which again will be a real challenge (although I am mostly doing a supporting role, then taking over where required).

I'm looking forward to escaping Madrid for a while. It's so noisy when trying to sleep, what with drunken Spaniards "singing" (actually yelling) down the streets, and room mates that come and go at all hours, and when sharing with 10 it gets pretty busy. Why do hostels always have metal lockers? They are SO noisy, even when do quiet things.

I was up bright and early, well OK I was up early this morning, to go to the Police Station to get an NID number (Social Security or National Insurance Number) so I can get paid, after all that's an important part of working. After standing in line for 3 hours I left to go back to teaching, a colleague stayed it took him a further 3 hours to get his papers stamped - reason all the Bulgarians and Romainians that have descended onto Spain since April 1st. The queues were massive, it was worst than trying to get Glastonbury tickets!

Well I'm off out tonight to see the sites and get slightly drunk - so they may be slightly wavy sites but hey.


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