Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Fresh Start

Well the day started early yet again on Saturday, I hate mornings. Got the bus and noticed that I only had £2 left on my Oyster card, oops. Anyway got to tube station and managed to go through the barriers that open for prams – just hope I get the same option when I get off, and I did, result!

So onto the coach which wasn’t where I thought it would be; and I only had 5 minutes to find it!! So off I go, found it and nothing there! NO!!! Then it shows up, phew.
Only he just sat there, didn’t open the doors or even confirm he was my coach, 10 minutes passed and I knocked the window he just waved at me!?! Then after 20 minutes (at which point we should have left 20 minutes ago) he opened the door and allowed us to board, I breathe a sigh of relief – but wait somethings amiss? He didn’t get back on the coach and I hear whispers that the coach has a leak, and he needs a new part! This is not going to plan.

Another 20 minutes later the part arrives and we head off now 40 minutes late!
I get to the airport within my check in time, so have no queues, nice! Check in my new case which was supposed to be 20kg mine weighs 24kg (I pretend not to notice, as does the check in guy) it goes through no charges no complaints, which is just as well as my hand luggage was weighing around 10kg, lol.
I check in my hand luggage, left the hard drive in the bag, so it got rejected and opened, decks of cards spilled out, the guy just looked at me, I grinned. I took out the drive and put it through again, he picked up the bag (with a struggle) looks at me! I replied I checked it in. He accepts this and it goes though no problem. I board the plane and finally set off to leave London behind, perhaps for ever.

We touch down in Vallencia nice place, but overcast with rain clouds, and no beach in sight!? It appears we are a good 5k+ in from the coast! Dam! So I set off to find a hostel or pension. I find a few, FULL! FULL! FULL! EXPENSIVE! Oh no I think. Then I get one, almost right near where I started which is just my luck to walk around in a big circle, lol. So I have somewhere to shack up for the night. I go exploring, Vallencia seems expensive with designer shops on every street. As I idly go about my business the police raid a street where street traders are selling pirate goods, im caught in the midst of bodies running in every direction, there goods being thrown to the ground as they flee. I quickly get away before the question me or worse.

Put my head down for the night and wouldn’t you believe it – the hostel is noisy and loud, sleeps broken, so I decide to get an early start to Madrid, only to find that ALL the tickets are sold on all 5 trains today!! Oh no!! I quickly think as I try to find an alternate route, and I get one – its round the houses abit but it gets me there at least, well I say that – im currently typing this out on the train to Madrid.

I've arrived in Madrid just over 4 hours later, found the hostel Los Amigos (sign says full!) but i take a chance and ring it anyway, they have two spaces, sweet! I check in for what could be home for the next few weeks if i dont get myself somewhere to stay. I may need a few favours from the Spaniards I've met so far (hint hint)!


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