Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a teacher, I am a teacher, am I a teacher..?

So it would appear I am now a teacher, or am I? I realised that even though English is my native tongue and I use it all the time, I actually know very little about it or it's grammatical structure. Needless to say - I have to learn this and quick!

Well today with lesson plans in hand I tackled teaching head on, my plans seemed to complex at first glance, but as I realised the level of the student it fell into place nicely and a rapport was soon built. I have a mixed bag of English teaching methods to pull from and utilised them the best way i knew how - with a smattering of humour and a light hearted approach.

I get graded by the students to see how well I done, however I don't get to find out until Friday! talk about torture.

After teaching them for 2 hours I felt quietly confident that it went better than expected and on the Metro journey home I reflected. Did I do this, yes. Did I do that, yes. Then panic did I set any homework, NO! Oh no this was a crucial part of the lesson, sh**!
Oh well, I hope I'm a better MC than a teacher as it looks like I'll may be doing more of that, lol!

Anyway can't chat here all day got studying to do for tomorrow.

Thought for the day: Be the best you can be


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