Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Its a hard life

So this week I'm in Gredos (Avila), shadowing a Master of Ceremonies called ROB. It has been good to see someone elses input into what Vaughan has to offer, I only hope I can live up to it.
It will be interesting because I know we will push each other and hopefully learn so much from each other.

Rob is extremely talented from painting to music and even doing some magic!

He kindly said to me that Tuesday was my day to shine - and boy did I try. First off we had a simple psychological game then a treasure hunt, and what fun it turned out to be. In the evening we had been preparing sketches for the night, and they were so funny!!!!

The Anglos and Spaniards did me proud. I also did something new, I painting a picture, that's all I'll say but the I was very happy with the results and so was the audience and the lady (Giovanni) who posed for me; she kept the painting.

At night I read the Quemada, and drunk plenty too. Then on with the karaoke which was so funny, I sang; well I say sang! Like a Virgin (and why not), I got very merry and had a very good night, although the mornings a bit of a struggle, if you know what I mean, lol!


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