Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just kickin it in Madrid

Well after all my travels I have a few days to kill in Madrid, and this is a sample of what I've done and seen over this time. Thought as usual I'd share with you all, just in case anyone really cared.

Well I had to stay in the other hostel the other night met some cool folks and hung out in an Irish bar, and actually found 1 Irish guy there! Although the music was hip hop, in Spain and full of various other nationalities.

The next day I walked around Madrid aimlessly but no plan, then a friend from Vaughan Town came to the same hostel so we went round to Rob's and chilled there, and when i say chilled i mean it we got caught in a HUGE downpour! Lucky for me Cassey was with me so at least she knew where she was going, right!??! WRONG! It's up here, no here okay definetly this one, needless to say we were soaked, lol!

We got to Rob's street and it was flooded, and also a car smash (see photos). We got there then we went out for a meal and got stung big time!!! The meal came to 70 Euros far more than the 30 Euros we expected it appears they gave us large portions! Dam it, watch out for that one!

And today we wondered around taking in the sites and enjoying Cassey's company and easy chat, we walked around went to the pyramid (yes in Spain) and headed for a huge gallery but it was closed :(
But we did find a big park, so we played Hide and Seek; as you can see Cassey was rubbish!

Then hunger set in, so off we went in search for food, we found the perfect Indian Restaraunt , only to be told (by an Indian waiter) they dont do Indian - check out the sign outside and see for yourself, they certainly fooled us!?

Once fed from a Chinese (at least they knew what they did, although Cassey did make a meal of ordering a meal, lol) We headed back to the hostel, and my fav performer was out, you have to check this guy, he rocks like a rock concert with huge rocks!

I need a siesta now - it's been a hard day.

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