Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life, Love & Happiness

We spent our last weekend seeing another part of London and discovered a Museum. Not a huge fan of museums but they do have some interesting things in most of them so worth a look - even better is it was FREE! - gotta be done then huh!

I met up with a dear friend from Sky, Janine. We walked and chatted and as I say stumbled across this Museum (The Victoria & Albert Museum). So we all piled inside and to be honest I was impressed with what they had there - considering my last visit to the Tate - im sorry but a blob of paint is NOT ART!!!!

Anyway, we looked around then Janine had to leave, I do hope she stays in touch through any means, and I too will try - but life seems to get in the way and before you know it its been months since you last spoke. I guess that s just the way it is!? I saw one of my best friends online the other day and immediately questioned why he'd not been in touch - and even though I had sent an email and text I could have done more myself.

Is the purpose of friends to be there and share the moments that matter with you?! We went out last night to one of Carrie's friends birthday party (shes a thirty-something). It was a pleasant enough experience and a good time seemed to be had by all, but i cant help thinking: what are we all searching for and would we know if we had it!? But one thing that did stand out was the fact that most people that cared enough made the effort to share her moment (even though Carrie is poorly just now).

I think sometimes we sweat the small stuff too much and miss the bigger picture - when there is no turning back we should concern ourselves only with the best way to move forward.

anyway below is a few of the things we saw that I thought I'd share.

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