Friday, April 20, 2007

Salamanca - Day 2

Today started later for me not only did I not get a lot of sleep because of the children making noise, going the bathroom and knocking on the walls etc, but also because my cough is still playing up and worse at night when lying down. So I arose at 10am, to no breakfast and kids running everywhere, lol.

The sun was back out the day was set to be very nice indeed. In my free time I prepared for the show I have to perform in tonight – magic and tongue twisters, more on that later when I have done it.

I taken the children to play Tennis and Football – lost at football 5 – 2 because I was on the girls side; really, girls need to learn how to play football! I watched the classes in full swing and they were going very well, although I don’t envy them one bit, having said that they ARE getting invaluable experience with the children.

Okay, we had dinner and it took 1hour 20 mins as appose to the 50 mins usual – we found out that because the boss had gone home they were taking their time and with a room full of 75 children didn’t we just know it! With dinner out of the way, we got down to the fun. Due to time I dropped a few parts of the act and just as well, it reminded me why I don’t perform magic for children.

I did a few basic tricks to get them involved then had their teachers doing tongue twisters – which the children really enjoyed and wanted every teacher including me to have a go at. I was told that I have again started to speak my famous broken English, DOH!

Anyway along comes bedtime, and yet again all hell breaks loose, kids don’t ya just love em!!


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