Friday, April 20, 2007

Salamanca - Day 3

Up earlier today although the night was long, at least I got breakfast. We organised a treasure hunt, each tree had a clue attached to it, and the children had to perform a task before they could move on. The final treasure was a teacher with a pocket full of sweets (needless to say all they all loved him, lol.)

The first group went out and for an hour we were out in the hot sun, and didn’t we know it – my forehead was red hot. The kids found the prize and went off happy enough. Group two, yet another hour in the sun for us – now my arms are getting red and the kids really got into the games and completed in 45 minutes. Then a break, sandwiches and refreshments and welcomed they were as we knew we had another 2 hours ahead.

The next group we took out they were even quicker and finished the tasks in 30 minutes – so we played Ball Tick (where you throw the ball whoever it touches then has to throw the ball etc), now I’m not being funny but as Lucia and I were the biggest we were singled out but as I am a better dodger than Lucia, she was targeted far more. What I found very amusing was to watch her plead with 8 year olds “no not again, leave me”

The final group went out and again almost record speed as they too had completed it in 30 mins (they are very competitive) The boys almost lost as they refused to do task 11, because they thought they had completed 12 already – after much heated discussion from their team mates as the other team were ahead at this point they finally completed task 11 and went onto 12; at this point the girls team had already found the item (a smiley faced golf ball) – but the real treasure as mentioned was the teacher with sweets, so the boys ran their socks off and found the teacher!

I was very pleased that mostly all the children really enjoyed the games and got VERY involved with the tasks – from singing happy birthday to Lucia (she loved it really) to building human pyramids.
Later that night we had an amazing fashion show with each group of children playing roles such as superstars or mummies, the groups were extremely creative but one group in particular had an advantage as their male teacher (for some reason) had a vast array of wigs to share with his class. The show had an added bonus with Mario and Luis dressing as sporty ladies – you have to see the photos!!

All in all today has been a most enjoyable day, with plenty of variety for both teachers and students, as a side note I’m sun burnt pretty bad, just taken off my shirt and suddenly all becomes clear (well red really with white bits), all I can say is
oOwWW in advance.


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