Friday, April 20, 2007

Salamanca - Day 5

Final day up early-ish to see that all the necessary things are taken care of, rooms are sorted and lost clothes are found and returned.

Lunch was interesting with all the teachers wearing wigs, it made for quite a sight. Then after a few more photos we got ourselves ready to for the long trip home. But first Luis and I couldn't resist winding up the Chica's (girls) so we went onto their bus and said from the heart that after this week and getting to know them all we would miss them so much... ...NOT!!
They responded in a typical girlie way, so we fled.

The trip back was long and yet again we got dropped where we didn't expect so yet again we took over local transport. Finally at 9pm i made it to the hostel before it all starts again next week for me at least its with adults for the other teachers its with a whole new bunch of kids, i just hope they enjoy it as much as I'm sure they really did this week - good luck guys!!

Well for the photos I taken over the week check out:
HERE ARE THE PHOTOS and yes it was THAT much fun!!

Don't just take my word for it here are some quotes;
David says: He enjoyed the treasure hunt the most!
Juan says: Painting rocks was TOMA (cool)
2 Chica's say: SWIMMING!!!
another 2 chica's say: the loved the treasure hunt

Martha (camp organiser) says: The night shows, were brilliant
Mario (camp organiser) says: he enjoyed spending his freetime with the kids
Luis says: Playing football as the kids are so competitive
Emma says: Interacting with the various personalities
Helen says: the fashion show was very funny
Siobhan says: the talent show / and the stone they painted for her
Carmen says: she enjoyed the nature walk


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