Sunday, April 15, 2007

What to do

Below are some of the films I am looking forward to this summer - just hope I can see them in English.

28 Weeks Later


Shrek 3

Spiderman 3

Others to watch out for are Die Hard 4, The Simpsons Movie, Fantastic Four; rise of the Silver Surfer, Harry Potter; Order of the Pheonix and if you haven't watched 300 where have you been!! This is a MUST!

Ones to avoid are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Babel, Oceans 13 (not sure about this one, 12 sucked to me; so not to sure) & How I planned to kill Tony Blair - really should this made into a film i. he didnt suceed ii. what happens with the sequel iii. copycats: how I planned to kill George Bush (just so they get their 15 mins)!?

That aside the summer has some cracking films coming up - so if it aint to hot and you have nothing to do, go watch a movie with someone and share the experience.

SIDENOTE: Whilst out drinking the other night I saw a 7 foot ostrich walking the streets in Spain (cheuca), I know I thought that too! But its true Nokia had hired a guy to operate a robotic ostrich with a huge Nokia type walkman phone attached to it, they also had projectors flashing up on buildings, and a guy was hired to dance his ass off whilst listening to the music from the phone - great marketing: I certainly wont forget it.


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