Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another walk in the park

Today the sun was shining and had I had time to kill what to do... ...Retiro park!!

So off I go, armed with water, sandwiches, poi and juggling balls (and a Spanish phrase book), I arrive at the park and loads of people seem to have had the same idea the park is busy the sun is gorgeous and my tan is coming along far quicker than my Spanish.

After an hour of walking around taking in the sites - one of which is the only statue devoted to the devil! I sit down on the green reading my book watching the world go by - after working 4 weeks straight its a nice change of pace.

Of course I quickly get bored and start practising my poi and I now have learnt to juggle three balls after about an hours practise - I drop the balls often still but I have the hang of what needs to be done and I'm getting there.

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