Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, this week I'm back in Gredos not because I'm in charge of another program, but because I cant afford to be in Madrid without money, so I'm freeloading and helping out Rob (also picking up more invaluable tips).

The program is going really well, and yet again many friends were made as the week progressed. I was fortunate enough to see a very good friend come totally out of himself and grow into a star! Matt was on my first program and I managed to be with him through all three of his consecutive programs, it was a pleasure to know him and share the experience - I wish you all the best in the future and really hope our paths cross again; Dark Knight!

There was karaoke on Tuesday night after the Quemada; there was a small after party (so I hear, cough cough). I'm actually trying to learn to sing so a great opportunity for me to rock, the big party was on Thursday night which wrapped up early for me at least - then the folowing morning hit with mess in one of the rooms - what do you do!?!?

The weather wasn't on our side though last week and we had to make the best of it, which I'm glad to say we did. We tried out some new ideas for sketches and activities and Rob performed some sketches which he has now retired as he likes to keep things fresh (as do i).

We had quite a few "veterans" (people who had done the program before), on this program so it was good to keep it fresh for them, but after spending SO much time with them and getting to know them personally it does make it hard when they leave.

As usual the hardest part is the goodbyes - knowing we may never see these people again; and not so hairy Rob is camping in the wilderness so who knows what will become of him!?!?

If the weather holds out; which it wont & if the bears dont get him; and they might & if he survives the snakes; which I doubt: we may see him at some point, if not his legend will live on in Gredos Mountains!

Back in Madrid - I made a big error not booking a hostel, so unable to get anywhere to stay as everywhere was fully booked, after checking 12 places finally got one! I wont make that mistake again, he says.

We had one last crazy night in Madrid - met "RANDOM GUY" which we dubbed him for the night, had a real giggle and managed to get home, which was a bonus!

Well all the photos will be uploaded as usual for you to see what im up to and what ive been upto. Next week very busy sorting out, banks, NIE and somewhere to finally call home I have a week to sort it all - wish me luck; im gonna need it!

click to see PHOTOS - may the force be with you!!!!

BTW: when applying for a room I found this line in the ad - property with a view of the moon through window!! now that's amazing salesmanship - sea view is one thing but a moon view!! Just think what we could do to property prices with sun and moon views!!


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