Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Live Life

The sun is shining today.
They were mowing the grass on the Green this morning and there was that definite smell of ‘summer’ in the air…
That (and having just chatted to Dade) has put me in a great mood!
I'm not holding out hopes that it’ll last too long (the weather that is!), but I am enjoying it for today….

I have had a hectic week since my last post…
Tuesday night I worked at the restaurant.
Wednesday night I caught up with David, a friend I worked with at Sky in NZ, who was over in London for 3 days (he’s doing a 7 week tour of Europe = intensely jealous!), I also had a farewell party for someone from work, so we went along to that, then we had a quick late dinner (to soak up the alcohol!) and then went and visited a mate of his at Sky here.
Thursday night I had a much needed night in, trying to organise my life.
Friday night I worked at the restaurant again.
Saturday and Sunday I worked day shifts at the restaurant. The bonus was this weekend, I had both nights off! YAY!
Ellen braved the public transport system and ventured into London and we had a good catch up over wine and dinner on Saturday night.
Last night I tried to have an early night, even went to bed about 8.30! But got so engrossed in the book I was reading I ended up still awake at 2am!!

Hey ho!! … its all go but those of you who know me personally, know I like to be busy!!

I’ve got a few things planned this week, including attending a music video filming as part of the onscreen audience but will leave you in suspense about it all so you have something to read about later!

Until then, always remember… “When making your choices in life, do not neglect to live.”


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