Friday, May 18, 2007

A master?

Well the time has finally arrived to earn my wings. Having been on two programs with both Masters and watched them work, it was time to put my money were my mouth is and prove I was worthy.

As usual it was an early start (did I ever mention I hate mornings?) however even earlier as we had further to travel as we set off for San Zoila - It was a long day, preparing scripts and activities for the group - this all goes on behind the scenes then I try to make it look as smooth as possible, lol.

I took the chance to get to know the group a little, it was a rather nice mix of ages and personalities which helped settle my nerves. I finished my final touches to scripts etc, and then encouraged people to participate in them - well when I say encouraged (I had a role that only THEY could do), which got them to perform; result! This was a great group that seemed up for whatever was asked of them and I was happy about that.

On Monday night we had a few sketches, a relaxation technique by Janelle (a very sweet Aussie) some magic from myself and Simon (another Aussie; far too talented for my liking, lol) rocked into the night on his guitar.

Tuesday was hectic with three sketch's and props to organise as well as me having to at least attempt to outdo Simon (that Aussie guy I mentioned), with even more impressive magic! Tuesday seemed a strange day with only a smattering of applause; not sure if they didn't get the sketches or what?

Wednesday was far better - maybe the ear was opening up now for the Spaniards because they seemed to get most everything this time. There was an AWESOME improv sketch, a mind gym exercise and Simon (the Aussie; said through gritted teeth) had yet again managed to upstage me with his singing and playing skills the night before - so I conceded and decided to teach him and the audience a trick! Well when I say that a trick took place and they had no idea how - but Simon was the Magi in this instance so earnt the credit, which he deserved as he perfectly ad libbed his way through the act.

Thursday nice easy day, trip to town all was going well; TOO WELL!!!! After spending a good three hours putting together a play list for the party to please as many people as possible, I plugged in my hard drive only to hear it POP!! The electrics blew my hard drive - no party!!!
So faced with the dilemma what to do I put the options to the group and like the true group they had become they rallied together using Ipod's to ensure the party went as well as it could be; and it was good! It was also good to see the spirit of the group come together like that.

Friday - tearful goodbyes and photos galore as we all head back to our lives, I do hope this time people will keep in touch, but it is hard for all concerned. Either way it has once again been a pleasure meeting and getting to know a group of total strangers with one objective learning English.

All in all I was very pleased with the results of the program and very happy with what I had managed to achieve and learn - the group also thought so, as they gave me a standing ovation at the end of the ceremony (just to see me cry, dam them!!!)

As usual I have posted photos HERE


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