Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunny Gredos

The weeks seem to fly by at the moment. I've just completed yet another week in sunny Gredos; the weather has been excellent, this time under the wing of Greg as MC and me as his support. However that is until next week (which is only 2 days away), when I will be flying solo in San Zoilo.

This week proved very useful in order to try out ideas and see how the group reacts to different situations and figureheads, I personally thought the group worked very well together. The mix was quite vast from youngsters through to the more mature ;)

Having said that all the groups gave plenty of themselves and each took a turn to shine whether in a 1to1 situation or at the party, in which alcohol always helps (I really MUST learn to dance; although its a great excuse to hold a chica whilst she moves, lol).
The games were very enjoyable and it was great to see so many of you enjoying them and yourselves. One reason I love this program is the fact it helps you loose some of your inhibitions and brings out the real YOU!

I got to perform the neurotic Allan Felix (Woody Allen) in a play and although I kept losing my accent I think I did a good job, Greg seemed happy enough. I also got to act out some sketches I had put together as well as working with the improvisation group - who did me more than proud, well done to you all for having the cojones (balls) to play your roles ;)
I also got to show off my magic skills, which I really enjoyed too.

Yet again another great group, I don't know how it happens each time but it does. I hope to see some if not most of you all again, but don't expect the same program as I aim to keep you on your toes. I only hope I can be as good as you all think I will be; thank you ALL for your encouragement and your participation.

As usual I have posted a collection of photos to remind you of our experience HERE


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