Friday, June 08, 2007

Boy, its hot!

Okay yet another program under my belt, working with Rob has been the usual fun and laughs and again I have thoroughly enjoyed the time and gotten to know (if only briefly) some amazing people. Having said that this week had been especially trying what with personal issues and a few issues with participants; however it all worked out in the end, fortunately.

The weeks seem to go by very quickly, its like Carrie only left a few days ago when it been a week already. Shes now back in the UK planning when to leave and see the rest of the world - London seems to suck you in and refuse to let you go if you let it. Break free and show the world who and what you are.

I on the other hand am here (and loving it) with somewhere to live as of next week; Yeah!

Highlights of the week:
Rob rocking on his guitar,
Participants bonding so quickly made our lives so much easier (well done guys),
Karaoke night; boy that night hurt, but its all practise!
I did some magic never performed live before (scary biscuits!!) but it worked out, yea me!
Party night rocked - I'm still recovering!

The surprise birthday bash for Rob - dude you rock!

After such a varied week I realise there is far more to this job than as an Anglo you appreciate (I say that as having been one), no complaints here just observations. I sincerely hope that yet again the friends we met will make the effort to keep in touch

As usual all photos are posted HERE

and please upload and share the photos that you have so we can all enjoy them too ;)


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