Friday, June 08, 2007

A Few days in Very Sunny Spain...

Last weekend I took a break from the dismal London weather and headed out for a few days in Sunny Spain.

Dade and I spent a lovely two days together wondering the streets of Madrid, trying to find the elusive market at Fuencarrel (btw Dade i now know where we went wrong, ask me next time we speak!), getting my tounge pierced, therefore not so much enjoying the lovely tapas as the lovely cool spanish beer, milkshakes and ice creams...

Dade unfortunately then had to go back to work on the Sunday morning, so I had two days to amuse myself, so on Sunday i jumped on a train to Toldeo, only 30min south of Madrid (I even bought my ticket completely in Spanish - so proud :-D ). Toldeo was gorgeous, lots of winding narrow streets and alley ways to get lost in. For those who ever get a chance to visit it do, but I would definetly recommend talking the bus up to the old town - don't try to walk it, at least not up from the train station. Also its probably best a town to visit with others as, other than wondering the old streets there wasn't a lot else to do except enjoy the tapas bars.

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Sunday night I caught up with Esther and her boyfriend, who very kindly took my out for Tapas near their place - they live in one of the outer suburbs of Madrid, but it used to be a completely seperate village, and it definetly had the sort of feel too it. The tapas was great though, even if it did take me a long time to eat it - being the first solids i'd had since getting my tounge done!

Monday I took the bus out to Segovia, another beautiful town, about 1.5 north west of Madrid. It seemed bigger than Toledo, at least the historic centre was, and sported an amazing Aquaduct, and also is home of the castle that inspired Walt Disney.

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Spent the day there before heading back to Madrid for a final drink and some calamares in our favourite tapas bar then met up with Esther again who kindly took me to the airport. So bye bye sunny Spain and hello again to England.

I got so used to the 28+ degree weather in Spain that on Tuesday morning when i saw the blue skies outside in London I left the house without my jacket. I quickly return to retrieve it, and a jumper as while the skies were blue, the temperature was not quiet the same!!


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