Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Gathering

Well what a week! From the tapas meet onwards I knew this would be a good week, just a vibe I got (admitedly nervous as half the group didnt show at tapas).

When I arrived at the venue and saw I knew 4 of the master students that made me smile, as the ice is already broken, they know me and vice versa, which helps! Not to mention one of them was Rodrigo (the clown) the guy is amazing and has plenty of energy.

After giving the speeches we decided there would be no parties; just gatherings. Essentially the same thing but without the mess, lol. Well there were a few of them throughout the week and luckily for us there was no mess and no damages! ;)

Eduardo was the party animal of the group and kept everyone well stocked and amused, it was a pleasure meeting him and several of the others Javier, Fernando, Mar to name but a few. We also had some old favourites such as Jimmy Casanova - who has insured he's not forgotten by writing his name is permanent marker on the board (muppet, lol), Katrina, Mike and Fred. Who know the program and gave it their all too; which helps make my job far more enjoyable.

I also made what I hope will be a long term relationship with a very special person who had plenty of positive energy for everyone: Heidi. I really hope our paths cross again and her life gives her everything she needs, she is such a beautiful person; if you meet her hug her - she wont mind, in fact she'll insist!
And Kenny who took great pleasure in throwing me around the grass (he's a Judo Instructor) and a great guy to boot.

What else to say well loads but it will just bore you, if you think your missing out - YOU ARE!! COME ON!!! Join in the fun and sign up to Vaughan Town I promise you wont regret it.

As usual the photos are posted and you can see them HERE


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