Friday, July 27, 2007

Young adults!! Oh behave....

Okay so Richard Vaughan stuck his neck out to do a young adults program (well when I say he stuck his neck out) he asked for it to be put together and Rob, Marissa & I ran the program.

So was it worth it?? I must say there was a lot of speculation and apprehension before the start of the program - having worked with kids, teens & adults I tried to keep an open mind give them benefit of the doubt and see how it went, but I expected it to be full of energy.

I was too right for the most part. The week flew by with very few issues, the key factor for every night was the alcohol consumption (something I think will be monitored closer next time) as a few could not handle it or handled it badly. Although I'm pleased to say the majority were in fact well behaved and responsible: Well done guys.

So will Richard do the program again? I'm sure he will; A. theres a market B. there was no real problems. After all it was a success, only time will tell if there were any REAL issues - I reckon 9 months should be long enough to see ;)

All of them got involved and again I managed to see the magic of the program unfold as people slowly came out of themselves and their characters shone through. The already confident folks naturally blossomed and encouraged the others - and I am even more pleased to say that no ego's came with either group, which helped to build relationships quickly, although we have an MC in the making with Craig! Think about it dude!

All in all I was more than happy - although I must admit didn't offer 100% of myself as I was slightly distracted with issues back in the UK. I am due back in only 10 days now, and don't know whether I will get to see and have my daughter - which is really messing with my head. China I miss you so much baby and cant wait to see you and tell you all about my travels. I'm hoping for good news and to spend quality time with her; also after having my wallet stolen I have no recent photos so i need some of them too, I bet your real big now?!

As usual all the photos are posted HERE

Anyway only one more week and I'll be there, until then, bye for now!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"But it's not winter over there!"

That was the comment from my Mum in New Zealand last week when she found out I had lost my voice (again!)…

"It’s not meant to be winter, no, but it's definetly not summer…"
I replied...

Just to prove my point, here's a comparison of the weather at the moment

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (current season = winter!)

LONDON, ENGLAND (current season = summer, supposedly!)

Though that rain cloud does not really do the current weather situation here justice!

For a better idea here are a few pictures taken last Friday as torrential rain and flash floods across the country left streets under water after nearly a month's rain fell in a few hours.

For a more detailed report see here…

Now what’s really ironic is that Andy choose Friday to come back from Spain…

Now Andy, if you’d stayed there, this is what you’d be experiencing today…


Saturday, July 21, 2007

A bit of culture...

As most of you know, I am always up for trying new things... Well last weekend was my weekend of culture...

Friday night I attended a Céilidh (Scottish dance pronounced K-LEE) with my mate Harry and some of his friends - I didn't really have a choice in the matter - a few weeks earlier I'd missed a call from Harry, in fact I'd missed 2 calls from Harry, the first asking is I wanted to go to the Ceilidh, the second, about half an hour later saying, since I hadn't replied to the first call I WAS going to the Ceilidh as he'd already bought the tickets - so that was that! Now don't get me wrong about my mates, Harry is not the typical Ceilidh attending type, but friends of his are getting married soon, and she's Scottish, and having a Ceilidh at their reception so she wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were doing - especially the groom! It was lots of fun though, not to mention a rather good work out!! How the Scottish manage to drink as much as they do AND dance like that is beyond me! I think I only managed a couple of glasses of wine because the dancing was far too energetic to be drinking at the same time! Not to mention all the spinning involved wouldn't have mixed well with a head full of alcohol! A 'different' way to spend a Friday night!

Monday night, was opening night of another friend's play Intimacy, playing as part of the Abbey Fest 2007. It was a Jean Paul Satre story adapted for the theatre and was great!
"Two young women with turbulent love lives, a white sheet, two chairs, atable….and let INTIMACY begin…A penetrating, very funny study oflove, friendship, jealousy and betrayal. "IMPOTENCE. What abeautiful word that is. My friend Rirette thinks the most beautiful wordin the language is HAPPINESS. Rubbish. For my money, its im-po-tence." Susy and her friend were the only two actors and the set held only a piano which at times was used as a bed, a taxi and a cafe table. I was definetly glad I made the effort to get there. They did themselves proud and I hope that they had a successful week as they were self funding the production themselves and she was so excited about it all.

Am I Famous?

A while back I mentioned, albeit very briefly, that I was going to be attending the filming of a music video...

Well I think I forgot to write much more about it after that, but basically my friend Janine from work had managed to get free tickets for the privilege to be part of a live audience for the filming of the new Roisin Murphy music video 'Overpowered' (formerly of Moloko fame).

It was a, hmmm, long evening, which I did find mildly interesting, working in the tv industry and all, but even I had to admit that screaming, cheering and looking 'really enthusiastic' whilst listening to the same song for a period of about three hours did start to wear a little thin.... Well, when the video came out maybe it'd all be worth it.... we thought optimistically as we left that evening....

Well the video has finally been released... Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot us...

Music Videos - Overpowered

Do you think our three hours of pain gained us any fame?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More of Spain

Well last week I headed off to join a friend in Asturias and what a beautiful place it is! The journey was long - three hours (more or less) to Leon then a further three hours or so to Asturias.

Well the place certainly has allot to do if you like canoeing, climbing and pony trekking and the scenery is amazing. We went very high into the mountains I'm sure if there is a God I would have seen him (or her)!?

After trekking all the way up there time to go back and hit the beach, and turn my white body brown, well not joy there more a redy brown (not sure of the colour) but it ain't white no more, lol!

Then after all the fun at the beach and mountains time to return home, another long journey - but I spent the following day at Parque De Attractions (Alton Towers kind of place) - nearly died twice going on rides that man should not attempt to do; at least not without making a monkey go first to prove is safe!!

Anyway I survived, I have the guts of a Spanish woman - if you are a Spanish woman and missing yours please call me, I have them.

Now a week of boredom what to do.... shave head? tattoos? piercings? erm....

Cool Slideshows!

Friday, July 13, 2007

is it a bird, is it a plane???

You may have read in my previous posts that through work from time to time we get taken out to lunch or invited to various events and things by different media companies that we deal with! Being an opportunist, socialite, and generally up for anything, I generally jump at every opportunity we get. And this week, that’s literally what we did – JUMP!

Wednesday evening, we were picked up from work, taken to meet a luxury tour coach (and by luxury, I mean think rock star style – with TVs, leather seats, a bar, kitchenette, and circle couch at the back!) watered and fed and taken

And what a blast! It was like being a bird, a plane, and superman! All at the same time!!! I absolutely loved it, and even got the hang of it quite quickly – receiving cheers from the group and ‘Awesome Flying’ marked on my certificate! I was amazed though by the amount of effort needed just to hold your arms and legs in the correct position and surprised that it felt like I’d done a workout afterwards, with various muscles in shoulders, arms, back and butt aching the next day! We are meant to be getting a DVD of us flying, so when I do I’ll try upload some of it so watch this space!

Oh, life in the media is so hard…

Henley Royal Regatta

Last weekend was the annual world famous Henley Royal Regatta, where both the elite of rowing and society itself, descend on Henley-on-Thames for a week of racing, Pimms, strawberry scones in true English tradition. Over the years the event has grown somewhat, and these days joining the true ‘posh’ are those who would like to think they are posh as well as anyone else in the general area up for a good time and A LOT of alcohol!

Each year I work at the Regatta, for the last two running a private party marquee for 1500+ people. It’s great fun, and a break from the norm, but long long hours (I did 45 hours on top of my normal 'day' job last week though the pay packet afterwards and the people are worth it!). This year I also came away with quite a few dozen beer that people seemed to not have time to drink in the twelve hours they were there, nor could be bothered to lug back home with them! (The marquee is BYO).

Apart from loving the event’s atmosphere, being beside the river, and this weekend, the rare appearance of the British sun! I also find it highly amusing observing the deterioration of ‘poshness’ in direct relation to consumption of alcohol. Its incredible how the effect alcohol has on people doesn’t change regardless of the class of society they are in! Sometimes I think its even more amusing to see drunk posh people slurring their accents, falling off their high heeled shoes and generally in a state of dishevel!

(nb: no offence is meant by this post to any ‘posh’ readers of this blog – they are purely the observations of a small country girl no often exposed to the elite of society!)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gay Pride?!?!

Well on Saturday night there was a HUGE gay pride festival which me and a few others attended, we left the tapas & headed off, all gay (and by that I mean: happy) and excited. Me trying to be a gent offered to carry someone rucksack, big mistake - I was so distracted with that i didn't notice someone lift my wallet!!!! Fuck!!! - 100 euros & my credit cards gone! Worse of all my photos of my Bro and China gone - irreplaceable that really pissed me off.

I'm sure it wasn't the gay community that took it but from what I heard the event was full of thieves; mobiles, wallets and bags going missing all night long. Not a lot of pride to be associated with that. Strangely enough I also found out they have names for this: Mary Annie & Mary Ellen - definition: A pickpocket that pretends to be gay in order to pickpocket another mans wallet. Although I must say the event was huge and well setup, but not well managed - thousands of folks forced down little streets with no obvious direction, and not much of a police presence.

So the following day off to Gredos again to start another program. As you can imagine my mind was on stopping my cards before ran up a huge debt for me - luckily I checked my balance through the net and nothing appeared to have gone.

So how was the rest of the week? Well apart from the desire by the Spaniards to speak Spanish (what was that about??) it went well, earlish to bed maybe 1am most nights, the one night we did stay up I took alot of hassle for - I don't get the fact they want people to bond between certain hours?? seems strange - although noise travels at night more so maybe it was loud?

Party night went well and all joined in activities which helped to make everything very smooth indeed. In fact not a lot to say - good program, nice group and fun was had by all - oh one small point not many photos from me this time as my battery on my camera died, so Nelson took over my role on that, so I'm hoping to get them soon.

Well I'm off for 2 weeks now may go somewhere nice who knows??

photos are posted HERE

Sunday, July 01, 2007

What a Week!!

Wow! What a hectic week or so I've just had. This is the first time I've had a moment to get online really since my last post (admittedly not helped by the fact I still have two computers sitting broken in my room!)! I realised tonight that it must have been over a week ago now that I last posted since Dade has managed to post TWO posts in the interim!

Well, so as you all actually get the end of my post, and find out all what I've been up to I'll try to keep this short and sweet - Dade I think I need to take some lessons from you on summarising - how you manage to capture all the going ons and feelings of each week into such short posts always amazes me!

Anyway, I've already rambled away for two paragraphs and still not really said anything - see what I mean!!

Last weekend amazingly I was only rostered to work Sunday day at the restaurant, so Ellen jumped at the opportunity to see me and organised my whole Saturday for me! Firstly we spent the afternoon at a BBQ, which I found out when we got there was for someone who I vaguely knew's 40th - I didn't even know I had friends turning 40! I mean I remember being at my parents' 40ths!

We then spent the evening in Windsor, drinking wine, and enjoying a good comedy preview of what's in store up at the Edinburgh Festival this year - enjoyed it so much Ellen and I started thinking about maybe taking a trip up there this year - Shame Chris and Alice will be in NZ at the time!

At work our holiday year ends on 30th June, and I still had two holiday days to take, so I decided to use them constructively - I always feel like I am wasting holidays if I'm not actually doing something! So Tuesday and Wednesday saw me down in the Surrey countryside learning how to dive - yes you read that right - DIVE! Surrey, an odd place to learn I admit, but I found this dive school down there who were offering the PADI Open Water Diver referral course at a really cheap rate for mid week dates - when I got down there I discovered I'd really hit the jackpot as the others booked on the course had cancelled so I actually had the instructor all to myself! The referral course means I did all my theory and confined water components of the course and now just have my 4 qualifying open water dives still to do. I was planning on waiting and doing them overseas somewhere hot later in the year, but I enjoyed the course so much I don't think I want to wait to long before finishing it, so watch this space! All those of you who have your PADIs start dusting off your dive gear! Those who don't yet - get booked and learn! It's great fun (not to mention a good work out without even noticing it at the time!).

Wednesday night I tried to go see Shrek 3 with my mate Dave, but we turned up a day early, as it was officially opening in cinemas on the Thursday! So, since we were at the cinema anyway we saw The Fantastic Four instead. I enjoyed it considering I had no expectations of it since I didn't know I was going to see it! We followed it up at our favourite half price curry house - if you are ever in the Hampton area of London it's definitely worth a taste!

Thursday was back to work - and what a hard day back at work it was - including a long boozy lunch, a massage and then celebratory drinks after work as my boss is off for all of July, getting married and on her honeymoon. Understandably Friday was rather quiet in the office!

Friday night, Janine and I had a lovely girls night out in Clapham - cocktails then dinner and wine for £15 (thanks to a TheLondonPaper offer) - although by the time we had all the cocktails, desserts and supplement charges the evening did admittedly cost us a bit more than £15, but it was a great night out and that's the important thing!

Have worked both days this weekend, although haven't minded since the weather has been really bad - still! - NZ are basically having the same weather as us at the moment - which is pretty sad really considering it really is winter over there!! Fingers crossed it improves over here this week as I am down working at the Henley Royal Regatta next weekend and don't really fancy traipsing around knee deep in mud! Although seeing all the 'posh' regatta goers sinking on their high heels is always a good laugh!...
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