Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gay Pride?!?!

Well on Saturday night there was a HUGE gay pride festival which me and a few others attended, we left the tapas & headed off, all gay (and by that I mean: happy) and excited. Me trying to be a gent offered to carry someone rucksack, big mistake - I was so distracted with that i didn't notice someone lift my wallet!!!! Fuck!!! - 100 euros & my credit cards gone! Worse of all my photos of my Bro and China gone - irreplaceable that really pissed me off.

I'm sure it wasn't the gay community that took it but from what I heard the event was full of thieves; mobiles, wallets and bags going missing all night long. Not a lot of pride to be associated with that. Strangely enough I also found out they have names for this: Mary Annie & Mary Ellen - definition: A pickpocket that pretends to be gay in order to pickpocket another mans wallet. Although I must say the event was huge and well setup, but not well managed - thousands of folks forced down little streets with no obvious direction, and not much of a police presence.

So the following day off to Gredos again to start another program. As you can imagine my mind was on stopping my cards before ran up a huge debt for me - luckily I checked my balance through the net and nothing appeared to have gone.

So how was the rest of the week? Well apart from the desire by the Spaniards to speak Spanish (what was that about??) it went well, earlish to bed maybe 1am most nights, the one night we did stay up I took alot of hassle for - I don't get the fact they want people to bond between certain hours?? seems strange - although noise travels at night more so maybe it was loud?

Party night went well and all joined in activities which helped to make everything very smooth indeed. In fact not a lot to say - good program, nice group and fun was had by all - oh one small point not many photos from me this time as my battery on my camera died, so Nelson took over my role on that, so I'm hoping to get them soon.

Well I'm off for 2 weeks now may go somewhere nice who knows??

photos are posted HERE


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