Friday, July 13, 2007

Henley Royal Regatta

Last weekend was the annual world famous Henley Royal Regatta, where both the elite of rowing and society itself, descend on Henley-on-Thames for a week of racing, Pimms, strawberry scones in true English tradition. Over the years the event has grown somewhat, and these days joining the true ‘posh’ are those who would like to think they are posh as well as anyone else in the general area up for a good time and A LOT of alcohol!

Each year I work at the Regatta, for the last two running a private party marquee for 1500+ people. It’s great fun, and a break from the norm, but long long hours (I did 45 hours on top of my normal 'day' job last week though the pay packet afterwards and the people are worth it!). This year I also came away with quite a few dozen beer that people seemed to not have time to drink in the twelve hours they were there, nor could be bothered to lug back home with them! (The marquee is BYO).

Apart from loving the event’s atmosphere, being beside the river, and this weekend, the rare appearance of the British sun! I also find it highly amusing observing the deterioration of ‘poshness’ in direct relation to consumption of alcohol. Its incredible how the effect alcohol has on people doesn’t change regardless of the class of society they are in! Sometimes I think its even more amusing to see drunk posh people slurring their accents, falling off their high heeled shoes and generally in a state of dishevel!

(nb: no offence is meant by this post to any ‘posh’ readers of this blog – they are purely the observations of a small country girl no often exposed to the elite of society!)


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