Friday, July 13, 2007

is it a bird, is it a plane???

You may have read in my previous posts that through work from time to time we get taken out to lunch or invited to various events and things by different media companies that we deal with! Being an opportunist, socialite, and generally up for anything, I generally jump at every opportunity we get. And this week, that’s literally what we did – JUMP!

Wednesday evening, we were picked up from work, taken to meet a luxury tour coach (and by luxury, I mean think rock star style – with TVs, leather seats, a bar, kitchenette, and circle couch at the back!) watered and fed and taken

And what a blast! It was like being a bird, a plane, and superman! All at the same time!!! I absolutely loved it, and even got the hang of it quite quickly – receiving cheers from the group and ‘Awesome Flying’ marked on my certificate! I was amazed though by the amount of effort needed just to hold your arms and legs in the correct position and surprised that it felt like I’d done a workout afterwards, with various muscles in shoulders, arms, back and butt aching the next day! We are meant to be getting a DVD of us flying, so when I do I’ll try upload some of it so watch this space!

Oh, life in the media is so hard…


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