Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More of Spain

Well last week I headed off to join a friend in Asturias and what a beautiful place it is! The journey was long - three hours (more or less) to Leon then a further three hours or so to Asturias.

Well the place certainly has allot to do if you like canoeing, climbing and pony trekking and the scenery is amazing. We went very high into the mountains I'm sure if there is a God I would have seen him (or her)!?

After trekking all the way up there time to go back and hit the beach, and turn my white body brown, well not joy there more a redy brown (not sure of the colour) but it ain't white no more, lol!

Then after all the fun at the beach and mountains time to return home, another long journey - but I spent the following day at Parque De Attractions (Alton Towers kind of place) - nearly died twice going on rides that man should not attempt to do; at least not without making a monkey go first to prove is safe!!

Anyway I survived, I have the guts of a Spanish woman - if you are a Spanish woman and missing yours please call me, I have them.

Now a week of boredom what to do.... shave head? tattoos? piercings? erm....

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