Sunday, July 01, 2007

What a Week!!

Wow! What a hectic week or so I've just had. This is the first time I've had a moment to get online really since my last post (admittedly not helped by the fact I still have two computers sitting broken in my room!)! I realised tonight that it must have been over a week ago now that I last posted since Dade has managed to post TWO posts in the interim!

Well, so as you all actually get the end of my post, and find out all what I've been up to I'll try to keep this short and sweet - Dade I think I need to take some lessons from you on summarising - how you manage to capture all the going ons and feelings of each week into such short posts always amazes me!

Anyway, I've already rambled away for two paragraphs and still not really said anything - see what I mean!!

Last weekend amazingly I was only rostered to work Sunday day at the restaurant, so Ellen jumped at the opportunity to see me and organised my whole Saturday for me! Firstly we spent the afternoon at a BBQ, which I found out when we got there was for someone who I vaguely knew's 40th - I didn't even know I had friends turning 40! I mean I remember being at my parents' 40ths!

We then spent the evening in Windsor, drinking wine, and enjoying a good comedy preview of what's in store up at the Edinburgh Festival this year - enjoyed it so much Ellen and I started thinking about maybe taking a trip up there this year - Shame Chris and Alice will be in NZ at the time!

At work our holiday year ends on 30th June, and I still had two holiday days to take, so I decided to use them constructively - I always feel like I am wasting holidays if I'm not actually doing something! So Tuesday and Wednesday saw me down in the Surrey countryside learning how to dive - yes you read that right - DIVE! Surrey, an odd place to learn I admit, but I found this dive school down there who were offering the PADI Open Water Diver referral course at a really cheap rate for mid week dates - when I got down there I discovered I'd really hit the jackpot as the others booked on the course had cancelled so I actually had the instructor all to myself! The referral course means I did all my theory and confined water components of the course and now just have my 4 qualifying open water dives still to do. I was planning on waiting and doing them overseas somewhere hot later in the year, but I enjoyed the course so much I don't think I want to wait to long before finishing it, so watch this space! All those of you who have your PADIs start dusting off your dive gear! Those who don't yet - get booked and learn! It's great fun (not to mention a good work out without even noticing it at the time!).

Wednesday night I tried to go see Shrek 3 with my mate Dave, but we turned up a day early, as it was officially opening in cinemas on the Thursday! So, since we were at the cinema anyway we saw The Fantastic Four instead. I enjoyed it considering I had no expectations of it since I didn't know I was going to see it! We followed it up at our favourite half price curry house - if you are ever in the Hampton area of London it's definitely worth a taste!

Thursday was back to work - and what a hard day back at work it was - including a long boozy lunch, a massage and then celebratory drinks after work as my boss is off for all of July, getting married and on her honeymoon. Understandably Friday was rather quiet in the office!

Friday night, Janine and I had a lovely girls night out in Clapham - cocktails then dinner and wine for £15 (thanks to a TheLondonPaper offer) - although by the time we had all the cocktails, desserts and supplement charges the evening did admittedly cost us a bit more than £15, but it was a great night out and that's the important thing!

Have worked both days this weekend, although haven't minded since the weather has been really bad - still! - NZ are basically having the same weather as us at the moment - which is pretty sad really considering it really is winter over there!! Fingers crossed it improves over here this week as I am down working at the Henley Royal Regatta next weekend and don't really fancy traipsing around knee deep in mud! Although seeing all the 'posh' regatta goers sinking on their high heels is always a good laugh!...


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