Saturday, July 21, 2007

Am I Famous?

A while back I mentioned, albeit very briefly, that I was going to be attending the filming of a music video...

Well I think I forgot to write much more about it after that, but basically my friend Janine from work had managed to get free tickets for the privilege to be part of a live audience for the filming of the new Roisin Murphy music video 'Overpowered' (formerly of Moloko fame).

It was a, hmmm, long evening, which I did find mildly interesting, working in the tv industry and all, but even I had to admit that screaming, cheering and looking 'really enthusiastic' whilst listening to the same song for a period of about three hours did start to wear a little thin.... Well, when the video came out maybe it'd all be worth it.... we thought optimistically as we left that evening....

Well the video has finally been released... Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot us...

Music Videos - Overpowered

Do you think our three hours of pain gained us any fame?


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