Friday, July 27, 2007

Young adults!! Oh behave....

Okay so Richard Vaughan stuck his neck out to do a young adults program (well when I say he stuck his neck out) he asked for it to be put together and Rob, Marissa & I ran the program.

So was it worth it?? I must say there was a lot of speculation and apprehension before the start of the program - having worked with kids, teens & adults I tried to keep an open mind give them benefit of the doubt and see how it went, but I expected it to be full of energy.

I was too right for the most part. The week flew by with very few issues, the key factor for every night was the alcohol consumption (something I think will be monitored closer next time) as a few could not handle it or handled it badly. Although I'm pleased to say the majority were in fact well behaved and responsible: Well done guys.

So will Richard do the program again? I'm sure he will; A. theres a market B. there was no real problems. After all it was a success, only time will tell if there were any REAL issues - I reckon 9 months should be long enough to see ;)

All of them got involved and again I managed to see the magic of the program unfold as people slowly came out of themselves and their characters shone through. The already confident folks naturally blossomed and encouraged the others - and I am even more pleased to say that no ego's came with either group, which helped to build relationships quickly, although we have an MC in the making with Craig! Think about it dude!

All in all I was more than happy - although I must admit didn't offer 100% of myself as I was slightly distracted with issues back in the UK. I am due back in only 10 days now, and don't know whether I will get to see and have my daughter - which is really messing with my head. China I miss you so much baby and cant wait to see you and tell you all about my travels. I'm hoping for good news and to spend quality time with her; also after having my wallet stolen I have no recent photos so i need some of them too, I bet your real big now?!

As usual all the photos are posted HERE

Anyway only one more week and I'll be there, until then, bye for now!


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