Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Got Talent?

Well whilst surfing the net for new material to try and use in maybe a show or two I came across several amazing acts such as these - please take the time to enjoy them as I did.


A very unique idea and wonderfully performed - simple to reproduce? I don't think so, where would I find a giant slinky?


As a performing Magician I have seen many of these and they are indeed very good - however my favourite is a Japanese performing woman who name escapes my just now, I have a few quick change ideas for shows.


This guy WON the America's Got Talent show and rightly so!!! He is by far the best vent I have ever seen and again I have seen quite a few - but the guy is skilled in so many ways; all the best for your future my friend.


Nice simple and original - This guy was on Britain's Got Talent, he got to the final but he appears to be a one trick 'monkey' sadly. However as a performance piece nice and original.


Now this guy - OH MY GOD!!!! I'm simply dying to do his stuff!! He is amazing and original with well thought out routines and such great costume design!


As I like Ennio Marchetto so much I thought I would share some of his other characters - If anyone can make these costumes - GET IN TOUCH NOW!!!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did; the real question is can I perform any of that in a show??

Monday, August 20, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its SPIDERPIG!

Okay so my trip to the UK happened I arrived, no one to meet me and guess what nothing much had changed!

I went to pick up China to take her away for 2 weeks of excitement (little did I realise how much that would cost).

We went to Telford for a while, got bored after a few days - but we watched The Simpsons movie (yeah Spiderpig!) then moved onto Wales (Rhyl) spent some time there and alot of money - I can see the British coastal beaches are dying a slow death, crap beaches, expensive & outdated rides, crappy prizes (in the grabby machine things) and shitty weather 12 degrees!! (to think I left behind 42 degrees).

Anyway then we headed off to London for a week - alot of walking and sight-seeing and a few photos later we went down to Portsmouth for a few days - VERY cold and wet; sadly (perfect for Carrie to do her diving course). Whilst waiting for our coach we watched Rush Hour 3, boy Jackie Chan was SO desperate to have America ccept him, such a shame; he used to be awesome - sadly this film was as predictable as a shower scene in a horror movie!
So back to London before we head off to Leicester for our final leg of the journey.

All in all we have had fun - the weather has not been kind at all, but I did get to spend time with China and see her grow. I hope that next time she can come out to Spain and see what that has to offer; if only for the weather.

Nice to see that none of my 'FRIENDS' I contacted got in touch cheers guys ;)

I did bring back most of my DVD boxsets as Spanish TV isnt very exciting, so I have something to watch at least. Although I did have to pay a huge excess on the weight at the airport!

Well here are some pictures of her adventures

Cool Slideshows!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

change of address = change of pace?

Well I have finally moved!

Been in my new place a week now, and it's great!
It's closer to work, I've a leisurely walk to the high street for my bus in the mornings (and so far every morning has been sunny - though i am tempting fate saying that!) and i don't even need to catch a bus to the restaurant anymore.
It's in a quiet suburban street, with NO football stadium within hearing distance!
The river is a short walk to my right, the high street a short walk to my left, with lots of pleasant bars with waterfront views.
The house mates aren't unemployed party animals, though I haven't even met one of them yet.
There is TV, though having not had it for 8months I sort of out of the habit of watching it at home!
There is a kitchen, AND a living room, plus, added bonus - there is a garden AND a BBQ! A flat warming BBQ soon me thinks!

I imagined that once I had moved, into this far more tranquil house, that my life would calm down and things would be far less hectic and stressful, given I would NEED to go out to avoid spending time at home - not sure where I got that thought from though, as since I moved I have only been home once before 10pm (and one night it was even past 3am!)...

hmmm I guess I just like my life that way...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A day in Segovia

I travelled up to Segovia to spend some time with a friend and see what Segovia had to offer. It is a very nice place indeed - the aqueduct is very impressive and bigger than I thought.

I wondered up and down the streets taking in the sights and getting a mild case of heatstroke so it seems as by the evening I was not a happy bunny - maybe lack of food and water didn't help?
So I had to eat and where better than with my 'YELLOW FRIENDS' I cant believe Spaniards call the Chinese yellow people!? In the UK I would be in big trouble (in little china).

Anyway, the following day I wondered around checking out the other parts I didn't get to see and it was far cooler which was nice.

I saw the castle that inspired Walt Disney and it is very nice too. As usual it had more than the required number of churches, each trying to be different to make themselves more important, then the long train ride home.

Cool Slideshows!

I was going to do Toledo too but I will leave that until I return from the UK after seeing you China!!! Only a few days left - I really cant wait, I bet you are huge now with giant smelly feet! I will soon see, lol.

A great week in Gredos

Well this week was awesome!!! We had some wonderful personalities and no ego's to speak of which was nice (unless you count mine, lol) - The age range was just about right with a great mix of experience and energy.

I was able to spend more time getting to know the individuals too as I now know the schedule and what activities to do with the group; more or less. (so less setup time)

We had a few veterans such as Sandra who really came out of herself this time round, which was nice to see because she has a wonderful personality. It is also great to see that when they return they are slightly more relaxed and have an idea of what to expect - however I always try to offer something new; to keep them on their toes.

The Spaniards were well behaved no Spanish spoken (well maybe once), and everyone only partied when it was aloud which helped to make my job much easier - and Carmen's; I finally got to work alone with her and she did an excellent job and I think we worked very well together; thank you for making my week run smoothly ;)

The only sad thing is saying goodbye - its a shame that the connection you make last for such a short time - I hope however I left a lasting impression on you all. (oohhh matron!)
I will keep in touch if you guys do, is that a deal?!

As usual I have posted our weeks fun and games HERE
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