Wednesday, August 08, 2007

change of address = change of pace?

Well I have finally moved!

Been in my new place a week now, and it's great!
It's closer to work, I've a leisurely walk to the high street for my bus in the mornings (and so far every morning has been sunny - though i am tempting fate saying that!) and i don't even need to catch a bus to the restaurant anymore.
It's in a quiet suburban street, with NO football stadium within hearing distance!
The river is a short walk to my right, the high street a short walk to my left, with lots of pleasant bars with waterfront views.
The house mates aren't unemployed party animals, though I haven't even met one of them yet.
There is TV, though having not had it for 8months I sort of out of the habit of watching it at home!
There is a kitchen, AND a living room, plus, added bonus - there is a garden AND a BBQ! A flat warming BBQ soon me thinks!

I imagined that once I had moved, into this far more tranquil house, that my life would calm down and things would be far less hectic and stressful, given I would NEED to go out to avoid spending time at home - not sure where I got that thought from though, as since I moved I have only been home once before 10pm (and one night it was even past 3am!)...

hmmm I guess I just like my life that way...


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