Sunday, August 05, 2007

A day in Segovia

I travelled up to Segovia to spend some time with a friend and see what Segovia had to offer. It is a very nice place indeed - the aqueduct is very impressive and bigger than I thought.

I wondered up and down the streets taking in the sights and getting a mild case of heatstroke so it seems as by the evening I was not a happy bunny - maybe lack of food and water didn't help?
So I had to eat and where better than with my 'YELLOW FRIENDS' I cant believe Spaniards call the Chinese yellow people!? In the UK I would be in big trouble (in little china).

Anyway, the following day I wondered around checking out the other parts I didn't get to see and it was far cooler which was nice.

I saw the castle that inspired Walt Disney and it is very nice too. As usual it had more than the required number of churches, each trying to be different to make themselves more important, then the long train ride home.

Cool Slideshows!

I was going to do Toledo too but I will leave that until I return from the UK after seeing you China!!! Only a few days left - I really cant wait, I bet you are huge now with giant smelly feet! I will soon see, lol.


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