Monday, August 20, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its SPIDERPIG!

Okay so my trip to the UK happened I arrived, no one to meet me and guess what nothing much had changed!

I went to pick up China to take her away for 2 weeks of excitement (little did I realise how much that would cost).

We went to Telford for a while, got bored after a few days - but we watched The Simpsons movie (yeah Spiderpig!) then moved onto Wales (Rhyl) spent some time there and alot of money - I can see the British coastal beaches are dying a slow death, crap beaches, expensive & outdated rides, crappy prizes (in the grabby machine things) and shitty weather 12 degrees!! (to think I left behind 42 degrees).

Anyway then we headed off to London for a week - alot of walking and sight-seeing and a few photos later we went down to Portsmouth for a few days - VERY cold and wet; sadly (perfect for Carrie to do her diving course). Whilst waiting for our coach we watched Rush Hour 3, boy Jackie Chan was SO desperate to have America ccept him, such a shame; he used to be awesome - sadly this film was as predictable as a shower scene in a horror movie!
So back to London before we head off to Leicester for our final leg of the journey.

All in all we have had fun - the weather has not been kind at all, but I did get to spend time with China and see her grow. I hope that next time she can come out to Spain and see what that has to offer; if only for the weather.

Nice to see that none of my 'FRIENDS' I contacted got in touch cheers guys ;)

I did bring back most of my DVD boxsets as Spanish TV isnt very exciting, so I have something to watch at least. Although I did have to pay a huge excess on the weight at the airport!

Well here are some pictures of her adventures

Cool Slideshows!


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