Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go...

Well after 4 weeks of holidays Im back to work. And let me tell you about time too!

I spent a few of the weeks developing scripts - writing plays and learning dance routines. Which as I aw this week was well worth the effort.
It kicked my ass, but I really enjoyed what I had put together for this program - it involved ALOT of new material - which could have fell flat - on the whole I think two scripts need rewriting - the rest worked well; some VERY well: ACT NATURALLY!

Each night developed more with the confidence of the group and people even started to write their own material; which was great to see although "its just not cricket" lol!

I was so glad to be back doing what I love the most entertaining and meeting folks. I will try to keep this enthusiasm alive, but I have a feeling when the group is THAT good it makes my life so much easier.

Thank you all for being so receptive to the program, the ideas and too each other ;)

I have posted a lot of photos HERE


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