Friday, September 28, 2007

Gredos - Program 47

Another program done and dusted, it seems to be getting easier each time - although there are always exceptions!!

This week was action packed - quite slow to start off but picked up quickly. As usual a good mixture of Anglos and Spaniards, and most of them willing to participate in one thing or another. I saw from this week however that I have to work harder to start cliches forming - as once it had started there was no way of breaking them up! Which I found was a slight issue in bringing the 'whole' group together.

The entertainment sections went over very well, and yet again I tried some of my new material and I'm pleased to say it worked! It's always good when that happens, so time off well spent, I think. Just to push things even more I actually managed 45 dances in 6 minutes this week!!! It nearly killed me, but I enjoyed it alot! I may post a video, it depends :S

In a team building exercise - most of the messages left for me were "hard on the outside but soft inside", yeah I am a bit, but don't tell everyone!!!

Well like a fine wine I'm getting better with age (or experience anyway), although it helps to have such a great Director - she does the hard work really ;)

Anyway as usual photos of the week are HERE


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