Saturday, October 27, 2007

almost over :(

Well this is the penultimate program before I finish for the year, which makes me even sadder.

This was an awesome program with everyone giving as much as they could. I met some wonderful people and yet again formed connections, this is the beauty of these programs you meet wonderful people who otherwise your life's may never come into direct contact and through the program you learn and them their lives and what motivates them. I am so pleased that I have this position and opportunity to meet these kinds of people and it shows me humans are great - you can escape the horrors and disasters in the world and for one week at least just so the greatness in life and human beings.

I met a couple who were/are amazing, they were full of life and up for anything thrown at them - great personalities and energies. Sadly not only was Chet good at everything he was good looking too, come on give me a break! lol! When his partner Michelle turned up a in a slinky black dress - OMG!!! (she's the kind of girl that would make a paperbag look hot!)

We had a lot of laughs and I got to work with Eva who I hope I see more of in the future - which ever path you choose, all the best ;)

I also managed to do 48 dances in just over 6 minutes - nearly hit my 50 target!! Well I need my rest long emotional weeks.

As usual photos of the week are HERE


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