Saturday, October 06, 2007

San Zoilo - Program 65

So guys, yet another done and dusted!!! After finishing Gredos and not being at San Zoilo for a while a part of me was looking forward to it, however I also knew my favourite reason (person) to go there had left; boo hoo!!!

So we met the Anglos and surprisingly full of life - I say this as its fair to say they were a mature group. What REALLY surprised me was the oldest was also one of the most fun, and kept me on my toes: BOB! He also had a lot to offer and took part in what ever he could, great work; some younger folks could learn a lot from you ;)

Well the week started off badly, Oris was late (which became a trademark of hers), but worse still the bus broke down causing the already long journey to be an extra hour! However the rest of the week was good, alot of activities and performances, some new material: I actually completed Sudoku live in 1 minute 45 seconds which was great. Sceptics insisting I cheated! Huh! burn them all, lol!!!

I contact Houdini during the evening, which surprised everyone - although I'm happy to say DYLAN is here all the way from America!!! So get ready to meet my "new" friend!

I think I mentioned this before but the one thing which is REALLY starting to annoy me is the Anglos which are habitually late for EVERYTHING!!! I mean come on, how hard is it to be somewhere on time, it ain't like they have trains and planes to catch, once you are at the venue you are a captive audience. It shows disrespect to the program and the other participants. So I urge you if you are going to repeat a program and reading this, please take note!!!

Well you were on this program if you:
Spent an extra hour on the bus!
Went swimming in the river,
Had your name in Bob's notebook (mine was several times),
Met Houdini,
Had it harder than anyone else, and had to live in a lake!
Hardly remember Friday morning,
Danced the Macarena,
Were always looking for Oris
Went for Tapa's instead of eating at the hotel!

I'm sure each person has their own highlights, lets hear them!

In the meantime, here are the photos I managed to take of the week

Lets see yours!


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