Thursday, November 29, 2007

A week in Segovia

This week I have mostly been teaching in Segovia (well Sante Tome) but close enough.

I was in a VERY nice hotel with excellent surroundings, nice students and good teachers, Peter is very outgoing and inclusive (I like his style) not to mention talented too.

This week for me was more of what I expected and I felt more at home teaching here, knowing I had support too also helped with confidence and questions. The week went by quite quickly and no issues to speak of.

Although I must admit I do miss MY job. Teaching is good but I really prefer the more active hands on and entertainment side of my work (as an MC). I will start writing some more scripts over my free time and planning what to do next year.

Christmas is now 25 days away!!!! I have a short trip to Oslo planned now and seriously considering going to the UK for a week over Christmas, as China wont be coming to Spain :'(

I will have to decide soon as tickets are rapidly selling out - but I think I will be going, the house will be empty and Christmas alone is no fun!

Friday, November 23, 2007

WHY ME!!?!

Well I'm off to teach in Barcelona; so they told me.
What a fun trip that turned out to be! Up bright and early (well early anyway) – off to Airport: limping all the way!

Arrival with just over an hour to spare – nice work considering all those stairs with case and damaged foot! Where next, check in, long queues – aren’t there always, get to counter – emr no with this number you have to check in via a cash machine like terminal, another queue, get to machine print ticket, now need to check in luggage and confirm ticket, yet another queue! Finally get to the desk, takes case, then looks strangely at the screen (not a good sign) – it appears somehow I am checked into 5 different flights??!? WTF??

It now takes him a further 15 minutes to decipher what has happened and where I should be – now times ticking folks, I have 10 minutes to get onto the plane – my luggage gets checked – I have apparently been upgraded now to business class (nice work)!!! BUT, “the gate is closing” he said, ok I dash through (well hobble) to the security check point – more queues! DAM IT!!!!
I am almost through when the person ahead of me gets stopped – he beeped and keeps beeping but the cant see why?? His bag also has to be searched, tick tick tick (thats time ticking away not a bomb), I get to go through after a further 2 minutes waiting and dam it, I BEEP! NO!!!!

Luckily after a wave of their wand they let me through – however the zone I need to be in is 9 minutes away! I hobble off as quick as I can, only to arrive too late the gate has closed and plane ready to taxi!

So back to get another flight – flight booked I'm on the next flight out, we start to board then suddenly, sorry folks there is a problem the fuel is leaking! Book yet another flight – bear in mind I have now had 5 virtual flights and 3 actual flights – the 3rd flight is another 1 hours time (my original flight would just to be touching down now) and it was; with my case!!!

I asked the guy at the check in desk if my case had moved planes accordingly and was told confidently it had – I had the feeling it had not – the day was going so badly it had to disappear (sods law).

So eventually I get on the plane – not business class, (what I would say is they happily moved me around the planes with no quibbling which was nice – but I have a feeling this happens often) I sit on the plane and relax – with my head whispering you know they’ve lost case, you have everything in that case etc etc!!

Inner voices they will be the death of me (especially at that height, they tell me to jump - hehehe) anyway I arrive in Barcelona – the carousel starts about 10 mins later and after 20 minutes of watching everyone else’s cases go round and round – I realise mine is nowhere to be found – to the lost luggage dept, yes it was on a plane but none of mine, eventually it shows up from who knows where – but I have it!!! OK onwards (finally), I get to see Barcelona only from the coach – as I then go underground and catch a train to Girona – 2 hours away!!!

I arrive at Ripoll to then get picked up and taken to the middle of nothing – journey time for what I thought was a 2 hours trip - 12 hours!!!

It was a very small “hotel” no where with very little to offer – oh boy this is going to be fun (said the inner voices again)

Last week at Vaughan Town

Well, its been a while since I’ve updated my blog because my pirate broadband has gone!!!
We are looking into getting our own access shortly, so what have we been up to in the last few weeks?

Well my last Vaughan Town as an MC was good, no problems with the group some excellent characters – Aussie birds huh!!
I tried out a new piece – Body Orchestra which was very funny (and clever, but mostly funny!) Each evening was action packed with lots of talented people sharing their skills and knowledge.

I have noticed that some of the Spanish participants are not so keen on the entertainment hour and want more 1 to 1’s – they are missing the point I think of this period – not only is it a team building exercise but it indirectly teaches you how to communicate, present and relax.

After 6 hours of 1 to 1’s you need shut off time and the anglos actually enjoy this section (for the most part) – if it were all work and no play it would be quite boring (in my opinion) Well all was going well until party night, and whilst dancing crazy style to the Rednex – I slipped on the wet floor and my ankle took the brunt of the fall – lucky for me the alcohol in my system acted as a painkiller; so I was not aware of just how much it REALLY hurt; until the following day, and walking became a big problem.

The day after it started to bruise at the base of my foot – obviously where I had fell onto it; and became more painful, DAM IT!!! So going out parting further with some of the group was out of the question as I had to seek medical attention.

But no time for all business as I have a plane to catch to BARCELONA!

Here are the photos of the last week - CLICK ME

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pirates Ahoy!

Well I have a few weeks off work and how to spend it - well one way is to take in a show - so I went to see Piratas Piratas! (pirates, basically). The show was a circus style performance in the vein of Cirque De Soleil but with a pirate theme and using mainly Chinese performers.

It was very enjoyable alot of acrobatics, a sprinkling of magic, some fighting, and typical circus stunts, juggling, trapeze, plate spinning etc.
The place was packed out and a good was had by all. The show had some excellent costumes, lighting and music which helped to make the atmosphere electric and the pace didn't slow down, everything gelled together very well, alot of time and effort had gone into this production and it showed.

It was great to see that live performances still attract big crowds - rather than sitting at home watching TV.
I only wish the UK would see what they are missing by closing their theatres down or worse still hiking their prices up!

So with a week left I have to decide what I'm doing next week?? Hmmm tough one. Maybe try to rewrite my Dracula comedy!? Who knows, but I am enjoying the break - also I am now fully Autonomo (self employed) to work in Spain, which is good; i think?!
(Didn't take 12 hours of queues but did take 2 days to sort.)

What else.... ....Not alot, let you know when things develop further ;)
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