Friday, November 23, 2007

Last week at Vaughan Town

Well, its been a while since I’ve updated my blog because my pirate broadband has gone!!!
We are looking into getting our own access shortly, so what have we been up to in the last few weeks?

Well my last Vaughan Town as an MC was good, no problems with the group some excellent characters – Aussie birds huh!!
I tried out a new piece – Body Orchestra which was very funny (and clever, but mostly funny!) Each evening was action packed with lots of talented people sharing their skills and knowledge.

I have noticed that some of the Spanish participants are not so keen on the entertainment hour and want more 1 to 1’s – they are missing the point I think of this period – not only is it a team building exercise but it indirectly teaches you how to communicate, present and relax.

After 6 hours of 1 to 1’s you need shut off time and the anglos actually enjoy this section (for the most part) – if it were all work and no play it would be quite boring (in my opinion) Well all was going well until party night, and whilst dancing crazy style to the Rednex – I slipped on the wet floor and my ankle took the brunt of the fall – lucky for me the alcohol in my system acted as a painkiller; so I was not aware of just how much it REALLY hurt; until the following day, and walking became a big problem.

The day after it started to bruise at the base of my foot – obviously where I had fell onto it; and became more painful, DAM IT!!! So going out parting further with some of the group was out of the question as I had to seek medical attention.

But no time for all business as I have a plane to catch to BARCELONA!

Here are the photos of the last week - CLICK ME


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