Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pirates Ahoy!

Well I have a few weeks off work and how to spend it - well one way is to take in a show - so I went to see Piratas Piratas! (pirates, basically). The show was a circus style performance in the vein of Cirque De Soleil but with a pirate theme and using mainly Chinese performers.

It was very enjoyable alot of acrobatics, a sprinkling of magic, some fighting, and typical circus stunts, juggling, trapeze, plate spinning etc.
The place was packed out and a good was had by all. The show had some excellent costumes, lighting and music which helped to make the atmosphere electric and the pace didn't slow down, everything gelled together very well, alot of time and effort had gone into this production and it showed.

It was great to see that live performances still attract big crowds - rather than sitting at home watching TV.
I only wish the UK would see what they are missing by closing their theatres down or worse still hiking their prices up!

So with a week left I have to decide what I'm doing next week?? Hmmm tough one. Maybe try to rewrite my Dracula comedy!? Who knows, but I am enjoying the break - also I am now fully Autonomo (self employed) to work in Spain, which is good; i think?!
(Didn't take 12 hours of queues but did take 2 days to sort.)

What else.... ....Not alot, let you know when things develop further ;)


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